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Requiem for a Book What don’t you know as you slumber Under years of decay and lies And decision banging around, not so slowly, In the tightly-tuned Corners of your life? What don’t you see or hear or miss, what quality of maybe goes Floating out on the savaged beauty Of your forever, your… Cathleen Treacy 10/20/13 0
GIVE ME A MOMENT Give me a moment to stop and think or not to think, perhaps just to be. Basking briefly in the afterwards, sulking silently in the moment gone, echoing endlessly the quiet nothing that is the breeze through the trees and the smiling man pedaling past. Give me a moment to… Cathleen Treacy 09/15/13 0
The Seven Sisters I discovered a new group of stars in the night sky about the time I discovered you. And for years I thought their appearance would portend yours. Both constellations to my world, moving in and out of my vision, hiding in plain sight, traveling to places I could not go,… Cathleen Treacy 02/24/13 0
Someone Else I spent a life living someone else spent a night loving someone else spent a day watching someone else’s sunrise and sunset walked through someone else’s rain slid on someone else’s ice danced in snow catching snowflakes destined for someone else, dialed numbers entered codes finished sentences forgot names begged… Cathleen Treacy 10/28/12 0
The Game He called out a game And I agreed to it. He started the play in motion And I followed through, Throwing my own rules Into the arena, Taking time and energy, Flexing and stretching, Prepping for each Thrust and pare. He layed four bases On the ground and I ran… Cathleen Treacy 10/06/12 0
Hearing Death Sitting in the highest, deepest Point of my chest, Hidden by laughter and smiles But felt deeply, hovering like a Blackness over every Thing, Moment, Thought. Waiting, like a carriage, poetically - Immortality. Showing its face across tangential lives First missing, then lost, then gone Flung deep into the Water… Cathleen Treacy 10/06/12 0
Vivaldi Vivaldi plays in the background Of my life that has Become after you. Hitting notes and phrases that Draw me back moments to Us together as one. Symphonies of sound Not existed in the place of before you home. Stringed rises and metaled lows, Woven nonlinear into tears Over time… Cathleen Treacy 12/21/11 0
Red Wine Words Once in the darkest part of winter When ice crystals formed on Heavy sighs And woolen sweaters wrapped Instead of arms, When the darkness outside Reflected smiles And glittery stars shimmered Deep within, There was wine, Red wine. And words. Harmless words, binding words. Words tapped out to a faceless… Cathleen Treacy 03/05/11 0
After the Crash I am a child Alone on a beach Littered with tangled metal And torn canvas Maps of a lost life Tokens of a lost love Symbols of a lost destiny. I am a woman Alone on a beach Seeking answers and questions And closure Tear stained hopes Fate stained hearts… Cathleen Treacy 12/03/10 0
in memoriam I. If I’m to know your heart, why must I first experience your pain? Why must the depth of your emotions be vaguely equivelant to the height of my patience, the might of my will, the force of my heart?  II. What is this I’m feeling? An emotion totally out… Cathleen Treacy 07/02/10 0
The Underbelly (Waking Dream #1) I touched the underbelly A great white shark You were pulled Mewling from its mouth A torn child Wrapped up in the blood Of a thousand forevers And struggling against the Moments truth and the Aged old history that Was creation And evolution And tomorrow And never. Reborn into that… Cathleen Treacy 11/22/09 0
Another Waking Dream #2 I am quite amazed At the things that We do With the places we’ve Been Strung out like Scarecrows Across our horizons. Give credence to Wrongs And balance to Rights Made money Out of memories And fought Wars with the tiniest Of beliefs. Based philosophies On images Carved out of… Cathleen Treacy 08/06/09 0
Now Now you have gone and wept, And I have stayed and cried And tears that once held happiness Run rivers of pain and fear Down the hills and valleys Of your face, Of your life. For you have gone and wept, And I have stayed and cried. Cathleen Treacy 08/02/09 0
I Had…. I had a love And it bled out Like a scabbed knife wound Undone by sex. I had a life And it crept away tied to imaginings of someone else. I had a dream And it died candy coated bliss stolen by time. I had a heart And it hurt… Cathleen Treacy 07/26/09 1 08/01/09