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Wake My Heart Wake my heart to the dawning star Rises majestic and silent Breaking horizon prison bars Piercing veil as twilight fragments Wake my heart for night has passed us Foreboding spirits parting ways Their wicked motives tenebrous They flee before the cleansing rays Wake my heart to angst departing As doleful… Toby.Grubbs 10/12/12 0
My Sweet Columbine A columbine bud In sweet alpine air Through holly shrub green Amidst aspen fair In sparse rocky earth Her roots clinging tight Against all odds Blooms purple and white A frost tinted wind Whipping through her leaves As it bends her low And her spirit grieves So rugged she is… Toby.Grubbs 05/01/12 0
Shadows Shadows of things yet to be Drown my mind in fear and fright Illusions of misery Darkened dreams and starless nights Shadows of past sins I see Haunt my soul with blackened spite Tossed about a stormy sea Foamy swells of endless blight Shadows of faith live in me Unmindful… Toby.Grubbs 04/05/12 0
Oh, Love Divine Oh, love divine where do you rest? On softened lips or beating breast? You come and go but never jest Lovers’ embrace with you is blessed An ancient wind upon the land Will not obey the grasping hand As gentle as the silken strand Yet strong enough to bend a… Toby.Grubbs 02/01/12 1 03/30/12
Oh My Lover Oh my lover, I do entreat Your kisses moist and honey sweet Embrace my heart without deceit Drink deeply of my love replete Oh my lover, I am transfixed In passion’s grasp I am bewitched Hazel eyes and stars betwixt My heart is caged but so enriched Oh my lover,… Toby.Grubbs 01/14/12 0
The Fairy Queen She is the dew at morning dawn She quenches thirst of fae and fawn Sustains the least of forest spawn Awakens trees, their branches yawn As sun is high she sits enthroned Seat of ivy and precious stone Ruling spirits and flesh and bone Her justice fair and finely honed… Toby.Grubbs 01/14/12 0