Sidewalk Poem is a unique and collaborative feature of All registered members are invited to add as many lines to this ongoing poem as they are so inspired to do. Your words cannot be edited by anyone else. Each contributor adds on to the growing work as often as he/she likes, until which point the collective piece is archived on the website. In time, we hope to have a Monthly Sidewalk Poem so that members will know that a new poem will be started on the first of each month and be archived at the end of the month. Let's create together.

On a morning with too much light...
Suzanne Bronson
In a season with too much dark...
Cathleen Treacy
the fusion of visible and invisible promises a new era.
Kathryn Preston
In which nothing exists but truth and love.
Marilyn MaC
From this fleeting moment lightness of heart will reveal
Chris Pfeifer
an easy transition to the inevitable release
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