A gangling teenager,self consious and shy,
Wanting to please but emotions awry.
Distorted by screaming and strident abuse,
Matriach with whom there was never a truce.
Days full of darkness, nights full of tears.
Muffling sadness with fingers in ears.

Then one day in class a beacon of light;
The warmth of a smile that seemed to ignite,
A warm inner feeling of joy, contentment;
Bolstered his spirits, offered attachment.
A mischievous sparkle that said I do dare,
You to smile back at me, show that you care.

Such joy, confusion, insecurity rife,
For the first time he felt real warmth in his life.
But how to react, fondness he knew not?
Each time that they met, simple words he forgot.
Then she went away for a music career,
He unsure, pondering just how to endear.

But her letters arrived, so warm and sincere.
Each giving him pride and allying his fear.
Perfectly penned and signed, “fondly Yours.”
Nurturing confidence that slowly restores,
A belief in himself, that he had some worth.
Now self esteem that before had been dearth.

But time goes by and time can do so much;
They drifted apart, no more kept in touch.
An unchained melody of memories warm,
Bolstered his soul and blunted life’s storm.
Unseen, unheard, warm feelings rife;
She remained an eddy in the stream of his life.


by Ron Pike on Thursday, November 11, 2010

hi, your poem reads well sort of like a short story
well wrote and delivered, the first stanza would be my fav but it all fits well and flows nicely ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enda

Posted by edd  on  11/13  at  01:53 PM

Thanks edd.
All the best.

Posted by Ron Pike  on  11/26  at  05:31 PM
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