Sidewalk Poem - 2009 - December

Down the vanishing road we go

In our semi-truck full of bright, spinning dreams.

Kim Nuzzo

I see all of those broken pieces

Pull away in the rear view mirror

Suzanne Bronson

To look ahead, sometimes it’s necessary to look back

David Totty

But I fell, and the pavement skidded by,

I blinked, suddenly, there was a field

Harry Russell

of dreams that lay ahead,

each blade of grass, a visionary, that sang to me

Kathryn Preston

beyond the hand painted ‘No Trespassing’ sign,

Arcing misspelled around a white-wall tire.

A necklace for the barb-wire fence

Steven R Williams

In silence, absent of fondness,

a sense of peaceful spirit.

Perched upon the tallest post,

a crows eye upon me.

Chris Pfeifer

Suddenly, I saw the broken pieces coming back together,

and I was driving the semi truck

through a clear blue sky that was a sea of dreams;

that were coming true because I decided to see myself

through the crow’s eye and believe.

Marilyn MaC

A guardian guiding me from darkness to light,

deceptive and sly,

keeper of knowledge,

warning unseen forces,

as nothing escapes the crow’s keen sight.

Eileen Bradley

by Webmaster on Thursday, December 31, 2009

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