Shaman’s Dream

Swirling tapestry of colors
Liquid vortex tempest hues
Wild imagination
Crimson, violet, bluest blues
Flowing in and around a circle
Breathing fire through your eyes
Rorschach figures on the canvas
Shaman’s dream where worlds collide
Picture bursts of clouds and shadows
Blazing light and purpled skies
Leap to life in ancient caverns
Darkly lit where dreams unfold
Feathered serpents
On the temple
Brilliant, bright and blazing gold
Spreading wings of flame and fire
Blinding light
Sears through the mind
A scream of wild desire
Fans the flames of night
Out of control
The world explodes everywhere inside
As you turn
To meet your soul

by GeorgeGreco on Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Love the poem, George.  And great to see you posting at Hope all is well.

Posted by Kim Nuzzo  on  12/22  at  05:55 PM
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