Shadows of things yet to be
Drown my mind in fear and fright
Illusions of misery
Darkened dreams and starless nights

Shadows of past sins I see
Haunt my soul with blackened spite
Tossed about a stormy sea
Foamy swells of endless blight

Shadows of faith live in me
Unmindful of freedoms right
Shackles of eternity
In my mind are binding tight

Shadows of gospel decree
Sparking a flame, burning bright
Hope, a fleeting memory
Surges back into the fight

Shadows of the bloody tree
Where Christ received no respite
The clink of nails, counting three
Through hands and feet driven tight

Shadows pierced his heart to see
A spotless lamb, pure and white
Water and blood cleansing me
Flowing from His heart contrite

Shadows in tomb lie unseen
Could not hold past third day’s light
Angels rolled the stone to free
He who conquered hellish might

Shadows may still torment me
Until life’s day fades to night
Rulers no more, will they be
Broken by the cross’ smite

by Toby.Grubbs on Thursday, April 05, 2012

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