Selfish Desire

Armed with a bow
His arrows at hand
Each one dripping with the emotion
Of his selfish desire

Tragically miserable
He hides behind a mask of fear
With a childlike maliciousness
Afraid to reveal his pain and sadness
Unable to show any humanness
He deftly raises his bow
Takes aim at his prey
To destroy an angelic love
Fulfilling his ruthless lust and
Satisfying his selfish desire

He is Cupid amuck
Spiritually starved
Smirking at beauty

He is unable to conquer the demons
Of his earthly lust
And cross the barrier
To sublimate them
So he remains trapped in
The lowest realms of his sacred centers
Where, instead, he happily obliterates
Love personified as absolute affection

And there he lingers powerless
To transcend his path to illumination
Unwilling to know unadulterated love
And unity of life
By virtue of his selfish desire

by eileenebradley on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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