Piper Methysticum (Mystical Poetry)

Archetypal lovers
come and go
ebb and flow
like lava on the move
glowing crimson
dark and daring,
to propitiate the gods
in ritual passion,
activating the mystical umbilical,
a secret passageway
connecting past and present,
uniting opposites,
in ecstatic eruptions
and solar distortions
in a 3-D world
going global
and collapsing,
economics and
plate tectonics,
paradigm shifts breeding
chaotic dynamics,
jazzy fusions of duality:
Nietzschean and Anarchist
Ubermalcontents and Bolshevists,
dandies and dykes,
poets and propagandists.
Where do I fit?
How to be
fundamentally me
and put my love into action -
that is the question. 

by Kathryn Preston on Thursday, March 10, 2011

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