Oh, Love Divine

Oh, love divine where do you rest?
On softened lips or beating breast?
You come and go but never jest
Lovers’ embrace with you is blessed

An ancient wind upon the land
Will not obey the grasping hand
As gentle as the silken strand
Yet strong enough to bend a man

A spoken word, a gentle brush
Cause hearts to flutter with the rush
A crooked smile the mind will hush
Her sparkling eyes will bring a blush

But do you live within the pain?
In hearts denied as spirits strain?
You flow with tears in pouring rain
The silent weeping bears your name

You blur the eye, wet the pillow
Bending branches of the willow
Carve her name on frosted window
Yet hides his name in dark shadow

Though patience fails and curses spoke
You live within the lover’s hope
That pain will flee and love will float
On frothy sea and bitter note

Oh, love divine, you soon will rest
And find our hearts have passed the test
That you so cruelly transgressed
Upon our spirits so distressed

The sun will shine, the clouds depart
And soon the valley mist will part
Love that once stung will soon impart
A ring of gold that binds our hearts

by Toby.Grubbs on Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Beautifully writ, Sir.

Posted by la fey  on  03/30  at  05:25 PM
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