No Regrets

I will never regret that call
You so contemptuously told me I would.
I will never regret that night
I choose not be with you.
I will never regret the courage it took to finally take a stand.
I will never look back and tell myself
A bad dream was all I had.

Loathsome words bring to mind,
Anger, hate and rage.
Quite shocking… still,
Remembering, reflecting upon those days.

Innocence, sound asleep as any child should.
Oblivious to your brutality
Because shame was the unspoken word.

A daughter drunk with all your lies,
Berates me for my nerve.
Then boldly announces in confidence
That our love was done for sure.

Arms bruised, heart broken unable to endure....
My terrified spirit
Took flight that night
Leaving me much too soon.
Anxiously I stood alone
Unknowing your love was conditional.
I never imagined retaliation
For behavior inexcusable.

Amazingly I survived that night
However, how about you?
Truth hurting,
An affair building,
Falsely justifying new love.
Delighting in misery,
Life repeating,
Woefully existing,
Have you heard this is you?

I will never regret that call my love,
In fact I delight.
What I do regret is losing my self
But now it is all right.

by eileenebradley on Monday, November 28, 2011

I find this tobe your finest posted work to date. And most relevant.

Posted by la fey  on  12/03  at  08:45 AM
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