My Sweet Columbine

A columbine bud

In sweet alpine air

Through holly shrub green

Amidst aspen fair

In sparse rocky earth

Her roots clinging tight

Against all odds

Blooms purple and white

A frost tinted wind

Whipping through her leaves

As it bends her low

And her spirit grieves

So rugged she is

As columbines are

Her defiant bloom

A purple white star

My sweet columbine

Sink deep in my soil

My garden awaits

You’ll bloom without toil

I’ll water you well

And feed you with care

Grow in my garden

Your beauty to share

Choose me columbine

Forsake your harsh life

Enter my embrace

Release your great strife

You’ll grow in my heart

Its warmth given free

My sweet columbine

Bloom only for me

by Toby.Grubbs on Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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