My Killer

My eyes fillig with tears
realizing all my fears
in my heart i heard a loud bang
as the muzle on the gun sang
filling my chest with hot lead
my white tee turning red
blood dripping to the floor
my killers standing in the door
I hear a faint voice
the killer regrets their choice
they wish they could take it all back
The killers tripping like it’s on crack
the last thing my eyes will ever see
my killers standing right above me
can’t see their face even thought they’re standing so close
catching me off guard dropping a rose
Now i’m scared as i hear the sudden slowing of my heart
I guese could have avoided this if i played it smart
the last words i hear, “Babe, i love you.”
at that moment my pain grew
because i never thought she’d do me like this
walking away leavin me with a kiss
her warm lips touching mine
never knew death would taste like wine
and my bottles reaching the last drop
as the last bullet goes through my head.... POP!!!!
and then she walked away
and that was truely the day
i almost thought.... we’de be okay
but i guese i was wrong
because beauty killed me, just like it did Kong

by WBM AKA Daniel Swegle on Saturday, August 01, 2009

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