Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Calm before the storm,
I know, have you ever seen
the rain?

Comin’ down on me,
she’s so wonderfully vain,

Her hard credentials aren’t
precisely suited for my

I knew her in those early
years, Creedence remembers
her as Fogerty’s raving beauty
groupie with a sparkling
personality and luscious breasts.

Kind of mind Fogerty admired,
missed in himself, him and I
fell head over heels for all her

Fogerty and I invested our
salaries in her modeling career,
we bought her a flash of limelight
that her sensitized vanity could
have done without.

Playboy featured her 21-page
spread in the magazine,
cavorting through a skiing
weekend with me in Aspen
and a glossy photo shoot for
blue jean ads on billboards.

I rubbed her back on a red velvet
couch in the lobby of Hotel Jerome,
kissed her from head to foot.

The photos and captions implied
we spent our nights together as
well as the days, drank Dom Perignon
champagne from crystal monogrammed

I put her blanket-wrapped on
the train, calm before the storm,
when its over so they say, it’ll
rain a sunny day.

She withdrew from the modeling
agency, later she turned up on
the cover of Cosmopolitan with
Fogerty, Beautiful People.

I wanna know, have you ever
seen the rain?

I wanna know, have you ever
seen the rain comin’ down a
sunny day?

by SageSweetwater on Monday, September 07, 2009

Um, owwwch!

Posted by la fey  on  08/19  at  04:44 AM
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