Dusty Rolling Thunder

listen freely, abandon all effort
memories drift like lazy rain,
silence is left by lightening

infinite, quietly crazy,
noisy absent-minded dreams

in distant muted voice,
entertain this ancient friend
tumbleweed on a dusty rolling thunder

tear stained regret,
hope and convulsive expectations
pushing-pulling, stealing souls

bee-stings to run from,
falling from a tree unable to fly,
below the sky all is doubt

love on a cliff afraid of heights,
fleeting kisses, forgotten joy
lost time never passes slowly

death of love of death
denied by instinct,
each grieving moment a new ecstasy

a toddler’s first exuberant step,
finds urgency to witness
this tempest of time

want it, reach for it,
plead, even scream out loud,
the dusty rolling thunder knows

by Chris Pfeifer on Friday, December 17, 2010

I especially enjoyed the line, “memories drift like lazy rain”, very nice.

Posted by Margaret Reckling  on  01/16  at  04:35 PM
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