An Indian Tale.

There’s an Indian tale, I believe to be true.
For it contains wisdom, that I’ll share with you.
An old Indian Chief to his Granddaughter said,
“Within us my child are two wolves to be fed;
One wolf is good the other’s quite bad.”
“When they fight one another no peace’s to be had.”
The bad wolf is anger, lies, jealously and greed,
Arrogrance, self-pity, resentment and he sows the seed,
Of false pride and hubris with conceited ego.
He’s agressive and cunning and often quite aggro.”

“While the good wolf is joy, peace, love, hope and serenity.”
“He’s kindness, generosity, truth and humility.”
“Shows compassion to others and helps where he can,
With empathy and support for his fellow man.”
As the Grandchild looked at the Chiefs wizened face,
She knew he was wise, but a question remained.
“Of these two wolves within me who fight unrestrained.”
“How do I know, of the good and the bad, which one will win?”
“My child, it’s the one you most feed he replied with a grin.”


by Ron Pike on Tuesday, December 01, 2009

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