On October 29, 2006, co-founders Lisa Max Zimet and Kim Nuzzo, poet and principal member of the Hudson Reed Ensemble, held the first Live Poetry Night at Zélé Café in Aspen, Colorado. The modest venue drew standing room only attendance from the inception of the once-a-month poetry sessions - sessions consisting of live music, open mic and a featured poet.

It quickly became clear that gathering monthly was not sufficient to meet the needs of local and visiting poets. Hence, aspenpoetsociety.com was launched in August of 2007 to provide an electronic site for all poets to share their original works with fellow poets and non-poets alike.

The current thrust of this website is the forum created by its members, first by publishing their poems and then by responding to one another's original works and sharing the impact of the written word. In addition, the website offers a "Sidewalk Poem" (a collaborative effort written by its members) and a calendar on which are listed local, national and international poetry related events. In time, we intend to make this website a "full-service" resource to include links to top-rated university graduate programs in literature, information about newly published poetry books and reviews as well as links for purchasing books.

The potential for offering members a stage for their writing and a place to enhance their lives as poets is unlimited. Suggestions for how the website can best serve its members are welcome at any time. This is your website. It is a critical adjunct to Aspen Poets' Society, the moniker loosely used to refer to participants at Live Poetry Night. Both entities continue to gain new members. This growth has spurred a major change.

In March, 2009, we incorporated in Colorado as a non-profit organization with the name Aspen Poets' Society, Ink. The primary activity for the group continues to be our monthly Live Poetry Nights which are held at the Hotel Lenado in Aspen, our home since the summer of 2008. The partnership between the poetry group and the hotel has been a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship. As we complete our third year of gathering local, national and international poets and musicians for Live Poetry Night, we have attracted a broader base of poets and an expanded audience.

Our goals for the future include publishing an anthology of local poets' original works, bringing internationally known poets to our Valley, and promoting the collaboration and integration of poetry with the performing and applied arts.

Thus, Aspen Poets' Society, Ink will be soliciting donations to become a full-fledged tax-exempt non-profit organization serving the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. We plan to launch our fundraising efforts during our Summer 2009 Kick-Off of Live Poetry Night on Sunday, June 28th. The line-up of musicians and featured poets throughout the upcoming season is truly exciting. Join in and experience for yourself this unique monthly poetry event held in a European style hotel setting in the spectacular mountain town of Aspen, Colorado.

This is your website.

Our Website:

Website Design was created and donated by Gerd Klingenspor of Ringing Spurs Consulting Group Inc., an IT Consulting Company located in Aspen. It is only due to Gerd's largess in developing aspenpoetsociety.com that this website has become a reality. Many, many thanks for his endless support, time and expertise.

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The Aspen Poets' Society logo was created and donated by Wendy Bertolet, graphic designer and owner of unleashed designs. She has artistically woven aspen leaves into the symbolic source of all creative processes. And, by so doing, she has graced the pages of aspenpoetsociety.com.
Many thanks to Wendy.

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