On a morning with too much light...
Suzanne Bronson
In a season with too much dark...
Cathleen Treacy
the fusion of visible and invisible promises a new era.
Kathryn Preston
In which nothing exists but truth and love.
Marilyn MaC
From this fleeting moment lightness of heart will reveal
Chris Pfeifer
an easy transition to the inevitable release
Taylor Kingrea
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Requiem for a Book

What don’t you know as you slumber
Under years of decay and lies
And decision banging around,
not so slowly,
In the tightly-tuned
Corners of your life?

What don’t you see or hear or miss,
what quality of maybe goes
Floating out on the savaged beauty
Of your forever, your Good byes,
Your Imagined moments
Of time?

What don’t you feel,
When the clock chimes minutes out of ravaged heartbeats
And the pulsing truth bellows through your being,
Caught freely in the one moment meant
to ground you to life – but instead
Propels you somewhere into the ether?

by Cathleen Treacy on Sunday, October 20, 2013

© 2013 Cathleen Treacy


Give me a moment
to stop and think
or not to think,
perhaps just to
Basking briefly in
the afterwards,
sulking silently in
the moment gone,
echoing endlessly
the quiet nothing
that is the breeze
through the trees
and the smiling man
pedaling past.

Give me a moment
to stop and be
or not to be,
perhaps just to
Beautiful thoughts,
a mind rambling at
will through today
tomorrow and yesterday,
skittish ideas
of happiness and
forever and peace,
caught in the eye
of the smiling man
pedaling past.

by Cathleen Treacy on Sunday, September 15, 2013

© 2013 Cathleen Treacy

The Seven Sisters

I discovered a new
group of stars in the
night sky
about the time I
discovered you.
And for years I
thought their appearance
would portend yours.
Both constellations
to my world,
moving in and out of
my vision,
hiding in plain sight,
traveling to places
I could not go,
only to appear, it seemed,
on a whim.
For years, it seemed,
I found you in them.
For years, I found
peace in them,
hope in them,
a silent plea
of want in them.
And years on
I am amazed
at the loss I feel
in them.
Yet still they shine.
And on quiet nights
I still find them there,
a tiny glimpse of
what was.

by Cathleen Treacy on Sunday, February 24, 2013

© 2013 Cathleen Treacy


Dear Beloved Archangel, hear my fervent prayer:

Please embolden my heart as I embark on the process of becoming as FREE as:

a Monarch touching-down lightly on the essence of Lavender;
an artic Chinook caressing the cool Alaskan tundra;
a lioness scenting her way out of captivity, returning to the sanctity of the Wild;
a lyrical Coltrane line;
the immortal voice of kd lang singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallejlujah;”
a frisky forest-fairy whispering moss-magic-love to libidinous leprechauns;
an ecstatic artist brushing her way toward aesthetic rapture;
a serpentine seductress seeking the Mystic Rose;
Pendragon’s heirs sweeping the Scottish highlands;
a Gaelic maiden’s hearth, laden with soul-love for her Crusader;
a majestic raptor gliding on the breath of the Gods;

by Kathryn Preston on Friday, January 25, 2013

© 2013 Kathryn Preston

Sun Slip

Twice a day I am bathed in a
Soft glow of blues or golden-yellows
Sometimes the sun slips with fantastic fuchsias
And I’ve never seen more variations of orange
...Unless you count every single leaf I saw
Falling in the autumn sky, or
Desert sands and stones as they soak in
Spring raindrops as those drops of sky
Mix with Earth causing the surface to burst with life
There is beauty between day and night,
When winter greets summer
Sky touches Earth
Where we celebrate differences between me and you.

by Janis Ann Taylor on Wednesday, December 12, 2012

© 2012 Janis Ann Taylor